1.4 Our Solution

AFKDAO comprises of four components: Game Asset Launchpad, Game Aggregator, NFT Liquidity Protocol and DAO governance. It provides a smart gateway for anyone to easily participate in play-to-earn, while projects can bootstrap their economies, and pro-gamers can profit and shine. Members of AFKDAO will be able to mint badges that give them access to game asset NFTs at an early stage through IGO Launchpad. Whitelisted guilds and pro-gamers would also be enabled to launch their own staking pools where NFT owners can loan their game assets and earn yields from different games and play-to-earn strategies. Via our delegator protocol, anyone with ERC-721 or ERC-1155 game assets can easily become on-chain leasable. The borrowers would have access to utilizing the NFTs for play-to-earn purposes while owners would not risk losing their assets. Profits would be distributed automatically to everyone involved. AFKDAO would go one step further by introducing a compound-like lending and borrowing protocol for widely accepted game assets so lending and borrowing can be done at any time. Other infrastructures like Oracle for GameFi and non-collateral NFT lending are also among the future development plan. The DAO governance allows members of AFKDAO to vote and determine the treasury policies including which games and NFTs to admit as accepted investment subjects in game aggregator, or how the fees that go to the treasury would be utilized or redistributed.

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