1.1 Our Vision

AFKDAO aims to build the largest play-to-earn economy. We believe that play-to-earn mechanism has the potential to shift the paradigm in gig economy and also enable the mass adoption of crypto asset management. Our vision is to bring liquidity, talents, and brilliant projects together, and empower the economy to gow sustainably with sufficient extensibility and decentralization. Through AFKDAO, we are connecting games, guilds, and investors in the most effective way. By providing the on-chain infrastructure, we enable guilds to attract NFT assets in a similar manner as a decentralized fund manager, effectively mitigating their treasury risk. Meanwhile, new promising games will have dedicated scholarship programs since the initial NFT drop through AFK Game Aggregator. This would drive the demand for NFTs and make sure the NFTs go into the right hands of users who participate in play-to-earn rather than flip NFTs in the marketplace.

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